Plastic in Garden Soils

Why plastic in garden soils?

Australian standard (AS4454, 2012) for compost, soil conditioners and mulches retailed to backyard gardeners and farmers in Australia allows up to 0.5% dry matter w/w rigid plastic and 0.05% dry matter w/w of light, flexible or film plastics. 

This means that the soil that you are using to plant your vegetables could contain large amounts of plastic debris and other plastic waste materials. 

Studies have shown that plastic can leach dangerous chemicals in the environment, that they can degrade into smaller fragments and become food for animals, and can even be rafts for bacteria and pathogens. 


This is your opportunity to participate in a new study led by Environmental Science Solutions to examine plastic pollutants in home and community garden soils. You can do this by submitting a sample of your garden soil for plastic analysis. Simply click below for more details. The best part - it’s FREE