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Home Garden

The home garden is often where we spend our leisure time. Therefore, we want to ensure that it is happy and healthy. Environmental Science Solutions can help give you a healthy home and garden for many  years to come. Environmental Science Solutions provides a range of testing services that include:

- Metal testing (typically test for lead, arsenic and other toxic elements). 

- Chemical testing  (typically test for DDT, atrazine, dieldrine and other chemicals).

- Soil nutrient levels. 

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Drinking Water

Drinking water can often contain a range of nasty contaminants. The only way to know if these contaminants are in your water is to have it tested.  

Environmental Science Solutions can sample and analyse your drinking water for a wide range of environmental contaminants including metals (e.g. lead) and common chemicals (e.g. PFASs).   

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Lead Paint

Lead paint was used widely in Australia for more than half a century. While no longer in use, it presents a serious contamination legacy in many Australian homes. 

Environmental Science Solutions can test your home to ensure it is lead free and safe for you. 

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Chickens and Eggs

Keep chickens at home? Ever wondered what could be in their eggs? Chickens spend most of their day foraging for food. If their food is contaminated by lead paint fragments or other sources of contaminants, then these can be making their way into their eggs.

Environmental Science Solutions can help you find out whether your chickens are being exposed to contaminants in your home. 

Environmental Science Solutions can test for a wide range of metals (including lead), agrochemicals and even PFASs. 

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