Training Courses


Radiation Safety Training

Environmental Science Solutions is an accredited provider of Radiation Safety Training for users of portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers. 

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Single-use plastics


There are some single-use plastics we truly need. The rest we can live without. But are we doing enough to combat plastic pollution? 

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PFASs in our world


Perfluorinated alkylate substances (PFASs) have recently received a lot of attention in recent news articles due to their use in fire fighting applications, industrial applications and household applications. But did you know the PFASs have actually been around for over 60 years? 

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Mapping plastic pollution


This interactive map allows you to document plastic pollution in your local area.

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In the Media

Find out about Environmental Science Solutions in the media.

Find out about Environmental Science Solutions in the media. 

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How do you feel about insects and spiders in your house and garden? Tell us here!

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Plastic in Garden Soils


Join us in discovering how much plastic pollution is in our veggie garden soils! This is a FREE program so sign-up now. 

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